Code Red

Burgundy Babe

I took these Photos on the side of a gas station with my mom. It was 80 degrees and I had just got done changing in the car...

Owning Creative Energy

Being a creative is so much fun. I love seeing my ideas come to fruition as art. However it can also be very frustrating. There are times where things don't come out as you planned or didn't go the way you thought it would. Especially now when creativity can be turned into a career rather than a hobby

Favorite Tea Shops In Atlanta

When I was little my mom told me how she couldn't wait to be old enough to drink coffee with my grandma. She said She thought the was the ultimate grown up activity. So naturally I looked forward to the same thing. Plot twist ...

Check Out My Latest Fashion Film!

Alright, OK

This day me and my mom were driving around the city looking for the perfect... 

Misconceptions about Celibacy

Celibacy, like most topics of a sexual nature, is one that is usually taboo. Which often leads to confusion and misconceptions. I, myself have been celibate for 5 years and have...


My Fitness Journey

Girlfriends, let's get personal. I have been unhappy with my body for a long time. To be honestly I don't really know if I've Known a time when I was completely satisfied with my body. After many years of half-ass attempts to lose weight,....



Currently pretending I am a New York Fashion Week when really  I ...


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