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The cleanse: your space

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

As some of you may know I recently Just quit my job and moved back in with my parents to "get my life together" I'm not exactly sure what that means or how to go out about it. At first it was just something I told my parents so I could stop adulting for a little while. But as I thought about it more I knew I wanted to do a cleansing. A spiritual cleansing of sorts. One of the mind body and soul and I decided to take you guys on this journey with me. Starting with the mind

For me in order to clear my mind I need to clear my space. I actually started this before I moved back to Gwinnett by cleaning out my apartment. I didn't want to take anything unnecessary home with me. This took 3 days and 7 trash bags. I had accumulated so much stuff in the past two years it was ridiculous! I don't ever want that much stuff again.

Once that was out of the way and I actually moved home I did the same thing with my room. I got rid of all my childhood things and stored my memories away in the basement. It was also important to that all the things I did keep had a place. That way it would be way easier to clean and minimize the mess. I honestly felt so much lighter upon completing this. I definitely recommend trying it even if your not on a "get your life together" journey. stay tune to the blog for the rest of the part to this series!

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