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Top three favorite coffee shops in Atlanta

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

When I was little my mom told me how she couldn't wait to be old enough to drink coffee with my grandma. She said She thought the was the ultimate grown up activity. So naturally I looked forward to the same thing. Plot twist I hated the taste of coffee. Thus my love affair with tea began. Here are my top three favorite spots in Atlanta

1. ebriks: Ahh my first love! When I moved into Atlanta, I was determined to be a "city girl" For some reason to me that meant having a spot. You know a spot where you went to everyday to chill, work, hang out etc. I don't know why that was so Important to me at the time. Maybe it was too many episodes of friends and living single. Nevertheless, this place marks a milestone for me. It was the first place I wondered into alone. it was my spot, and what a spot it was with its hipster coffee, boho furniture and old school hip hop playing from the speakers. Ebriks provided a vibe like no other. It will always be number one on my list and number one in my heart.

2. urban grind: How I came upon this place was all very random, but it ended it up being some of the best Thursday nights I can remember. It all started with Snapchat. I was on there watching people's stories as ususal when I came across a friend from high school. he said he was going to be performing poetry at a open mic night at a random coffee shop in Atlanta. Intrigued, I googled urban grind coffee shop and to my surprise it was less than five minutes from my apartment! I immediately messaged him on snap saying I was coming. The funny thing is I hadn't really spoken to him in recent years. It was completely random and to this day I don't know why I did it. Call it divine intervention because the vibe in that place was truly magical. It was intimate, raw and healing. I went back a couple of Thursdays after that. I always told myself I was gonna get up and perform one day. But life got in the way and I never did. But that first night will forever etched in my soul.

3. octane midtown: Octane, specifically the midtown location also has a very special place in my heart. I like to call it my Grown up spot. There was still hipster coffee( that I never drank) and little bit of old school hip hop. But the eclectic mixed matched furniture was replaced by wood benches and metal stools. There's a little jazz mixed in with the hip hop and a bar to boot. This place was also five minutes from my apartment. Octane provided a solace of so sorts for me. I would walk there lugging my purse and laptop with me to work on my blog. I made a cup of tea and a cookie last five hrs. This place passed my city girl test and then some.

Honestly I never realized how much these places meant to me and different point in my life. And how much the still mean now. I started off writing a whole different post but I'm in love with what this turned out to be. Let me know where you spot is and what it means to you! Comment down below or tweet me!

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