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Transitioning To Fall: Favorite Outerwear

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Transitioning into fall season can be kinda tricky. I live Atlanta, and right now we dot know if its Fall, Spring or Summer! It's cold in the morning,then boiling by 2pm and raining by 4! My solution is of course layering! I love love love jackets and the more over-sized the better! Here are my top five favorites! Enjoy!

I am going to take my go to dress for summer and show you how I style it for fall with different jackets

1. The kimono:

I promise y'all I have worn this outfit so many times. It always looks good. I get complements every time I wear it. Kimonos are perfect for transitioning because they are light and airy but can still keep you some what warm.

2. Denim jackets:

My personal favorite is a oversized light washed denim. It's honestly perfect for any season. Try a cute embroidered one like I've shown here

3. Bomber Jackets:

These came back into to style heavily last season and are definitely here to stay. Bombers act as a windbreaker of sorts, thus keeping you warm. Just tie it around you waist if you get hot


4. Leather Jackets:

We all know I am obsessed with leather and wear it year round. But for someone sane, I suggest saving this for a night out where it might get a little chilly

5. Cardigans

Cardigans are a fun way to a bit of sophistication to your fall wardrobe without being too stuffy. You can also use them to add a pop of color or pattern. I of course went for black and oversized.


What's your favorite fall piece. Comment and let me know!

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