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Ode to Hilary banks

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Black television was a thing in my house ok! I watched it all everything from a different world to the proud family. Recently me and my best friend randomly started talking about iconic black tv shows. The ones we watched and ones our parents watched and so on. Since it’s black history month I decided to combine two of my loves, fashion and black culture. I wanted to recreate looks based of characters that influenced me so much growing up! So here is my ode to Hilary banks!

I feel like Hilary was so underrated on the fresh prince of bel-air. Yes she was a tad bit ditsy but no one can tell me she wasn’t serving us LOOKS! Also her character was actually funny. She honestly showed mini Bri that it was ok to be boujee lol and I’ve been that way ever since! So thank you miss Hilary banks for telling me it’s ok to be myself!

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