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19 Things to do by 2019

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Every year, along with making New Year's resolutions, I also try to make a bucket list. A list of firsts, that I'd like to accomplish before the year is over. It’s just something that gets me excited and motivated for the new year. However, I have a confession to make, It's now half-way through the year and I haven't completed anything on my list! I know, I know, terrible. To be honest, this year has not been too great for me, but what better way to turn it around then with new experiences! I want to be able to share these firsts with you in hopes of inspiring you to do your own! So I'm going to post my list and a new post every time I complete one.

1. Leave the country

2. Learn to play poker

3. Go to a festival

4. Fly in a hot air balloon

5. Ride a train

6. Zipline

7. Take a pole dancing class

8. Go on a picnic

9. Take a cooking class

10. Swim with dolphins

11. Skinny Dip

12. Try a new food

13. Go on a hike

14. Sing Karaoke 

15. Take a boxing class

16. Try an escape room

17. Write a letter to a stranger

18. Ride a mechanical bull

19. Apple picking

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