• Brianne Nicole

My Fitness Journey

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Girlfriends, let's get personal. I have been unhappy with my body for a long time. To be honestly I don't really know if I've Known a time when I was completely satisfied with my body. After many years of half-ass attempts to lose weight, I'm finally buckling down and seriously doing something about it. I am sharing this with you guys so that I have some sort of accountability

I am turning 24 at the end of August and I have a trip planned to Brooklyn for the AfroPunk festival. I want to be able to wear whatever I want for my birthday and truly feel comfortable and sexy! That gives me two months to get the body I want. Ideally I want to lose about 30lbs. I will be checking in with you guys throughout this journey to document my process. I'll be sharing my struggles and successes. I hope you guys follow along and are inspired to start your journey, whatever it may be

My starting Stats

weight: I75lbs

pants: 14/L

waist: 44in

hips: 47in

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