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My Fashion Basics

One of the key element of finding your perfect style is figuring out YOUR basics. We all read these articles or watch youtube videos about the 20 must have items for the perfect wardrobe. They proceed to tell you that you NEED a little black dress or a crisp white button down. I'm here to tell you that all those article are WRONG. To me there is no one build bear way to have a perfect wardrobe. It must be custom to you. Therefore, I would never tell you that you need a white button down if you're a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl. I challenge you as we go into this new year find your basics. Here are a few examples of mine to give you some ideas

1. Black

What can I say I'm one of those girls who lives in black. Now don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily shy away from color, but black is home. If you ever see me out on a regular day, most likely I'm in black

2. Blazers

There is something about blazers that make me feel powerful. I love how androgynous they can be. I feel sexist when in an oversized blazer. They dress up or down an outfit. They're definitely a staple for me.

3. Leather

My motto: Give a girl a leather Jacket and watch her turn into a badass!

4. Sunglasses

Yep I wear sunglasses year round. Practicing for when I become a celeb lol but in all seriousness I think sunnies make everything you wear look chic! They also hide a multitude of sins. I always keep a pair with me.


Now I know this isn't a clothing item but I think your makeup is just as important as what your wearing. The right lipstick can elevate any outfit, especially t-shirt and jeans. They used to call me the lipstick whisper in college because I could always find the right color to make any outfit pop. True story.

These are just some of my basics that I use on a daily bases to build my closet. To get the rest and a more in depth tips on how to build your perfect wardrobe, head to my home page for my free style guide : How to look good without trying.

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