• Brianne Nicole

My Love: A letter to myself

My Love,

Its the beginning of a new year. A time of reflection and introspection for you and most people. It so easy to get caught up into the hype of of resolutions and Articles telling how to become your best self. You have so many goals and dreams to achieve this year, and I have no doubt in my mind that you can achieve them. But my love I want you to remember to dance. In your room, in the grocery store , wherever you feel the music. I want to feel each laugh way down deep in your gut.

Appreciate each tear that falls down your cheek whether it spring from happiness or sadness. Read more. You have a stack of books just waiting for your touch. Take care of yourself. I mean REALLY care for yourself. Continue to show love and compassion to others. be kind, but know Its ok to say No. Know that your worth isn't based on what you can do for others. You are worthy simply because you're living, You are enough.

Take pride in your art. Nobody has your creative vision. You are unique. Don't compare yourself to others. Your journey is your own. Go into this year forcefully because Its only gonna be what you make it. Tell the world your stories and do so unapologetically. leave your mark. let the world know you were here

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