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My Packing Routine

Being a Virgo + a type A personality means packing = struggle! Before these systems, I would always over pack or under pack, there was no in between. Implementing this routine has allowed me to take away some of the stress of packing while making sure I have everything.

1. Make a master packing list

This is the tip I believe has helped me out the most! We all have certain items we bring on every trip. It could be anything from leggings to toothpaste to your charger. WRITE IT DOWN! Seriously write it all down, laminate it if you have to. Keep it in your planner or journal, anywhere you think you can find it. Not only can you use it while you're packing for your trip, but make a copy and bring it with you. that way you can use it to make sure you have everything when it's time to go!

2. Make a list of events or places you attend to visit

This step is crucial to make sure you don't over or under pack. Make a list of places and or events you attend to visit, that way you have an idea of how many and what kind of outfits you need to pack. For example if you know you're going to an amusement park, you might want to pack something lightweight and causal. Whereas if you know you have a birthday dinner to attend you would want to pack something more formal.

3. Make outfits

How many times have you been on vacation and feel like you have nothing to where? hmm? I'm waiting? Exactly. PLAN YOUR OUTFITS! I know some of my girls out there like to wing it and live life on the edge but this is not the time or place. Trust me on this. Start with planning outfits for the events and places that you know for sure. Then throw in a couple more for the unknown. Try picking pieces that all work well together so you can mix and match if needed. Also pick pieces that a your go to basics. My rule of thumb is usually two outfits per day. I know that might sound a tad bit excessive but just think, maybe you did go to an amusement park, you come back shower and now everyone wants to go to dinner. That's two outfits right there.

4. Double and triple check your lists

Now that you have your lists, I wouldn't be the true Virgo I am, If I didn't tell you to check it twice.... Then check it again. Seriously... one more time.

Comment down below some of your favorite packing tips. Click here for my Master packing list

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